Treatment Options for Lewi Body Dementia in Seniors

Treatment Options for Lewi Body Dementia in Seniors

Symptomatic therapy is recommended for patients with Lewi Body dementia. Treatment involves the use of cholinergic agents. Rivastigmine and Donepezil are widely used to improve cognitive functions and eliminate behavioral and psychotic disorders. However, drugs are effective only in the early stages of the disease.

To eliminate the symptoms of parkinsonism, Levodopa is prescribed. However, the drug is not very effective, as in Parkinson’s disease. To reduce the severity of muscle rigidity, baclofen is shown. Antioxidants, nootropic drugs, which are widely used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, help to alleviate the patient’s condition.

Note: Drugs for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease can trigger the development of psychotic disorders.

One of the major features of Lewi Body dementia is the intolerance of neuroleptics. Thus, the patients may report severe form of depression. Small doses of clozapine may also be suggested to eliminate hallucination issues.

Preventive actions:

To reduce the risk of developing such type of dementia in old age, the below recommendations can help:

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol;

Follow the rules of healthy eating. In this case, the diet should include fish, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. It is recommended to limit the consumption of animal fats;

Exercise regularly;

Monitor the absence of excess weight;

Regularly engage in activities that improve brain functioning, for example, solving puzzles;

Avoid head injuries and infectious diseases;

After 40 years, regularly monitor the level of sugar and cholesterol in the bloodstream;

Avoid stressful situations and overwork;

Be sure to take the necessary rest as essential.

When the first symptoms of dementia appear, you should immediately contact a neurologist.

Patients in the final stages of dementia are not able to live independently, therefore they need constant care of their relatives. It is important to be patient, and morally prepare yourself for the inadequate and aggressive behavior of the patient. Proper care and treatment can extend the life of the patient to 8-10 years.

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